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Vision care

Low Vision Clinic

What is low vision?

“Low vision (visual impairment) is when your sight can’t be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, or by any medical or surgical treatment”

(www.nhs.uk, 2019)

At VisionCare Optometry Castleford, we are able to offer appointments to further discuss your low vision needs.

We will look at everything from your current lifestyle and any limitations you are finding in doing some of your favoured activities.

Whether it be advice in how to make crossing the road safer, using mobile phone functionality to assist you with tasks such as reading labels in the supermarket or how to adjust your living space to assist your sight further, we are on hand to help.

We also stock some of the newest hand and stand magnifiers as well as electronic devices which can assist with not only your magnification needs but also contrast enhancements.

If you feel this service would be of benefit to you or a loved one, please call 01977 282100 to book an eye examination and state that you would like to further discuss low vision assistance. Our lovely Reception team will then ensure you are given adequate time with our Optometry Team to discuss your needs.