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Ruth Perrott and Ann Morgan visited the Casamance region of Southern Senegal at the invitation of the Diatta family from York in February 2014.

Whilst there they travelled by road and water providing both refraction clinics and spectacles to the local rural population from a base in Ousouye.

The spectacles were sourced from donations made by individuals, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Churches and other groups in Yorkshire and then sorted by Rotary York Ainsty as part of their community SpecSort programme.

Lizzy demonstrates a multi-tasking Vision Therapy exercise involving walking, reading and saying letters from a Hart chart simultaneously .

This not only involves verbalising but also involves sequencing, use of peripheral and central vision, visual memory plus gross and fine motor skills.

Well done Lizzy, who also had to be filmed at the same time! Lizzy is also wearing a Bi-Nasal occlusion to overcome her Esophoria.

Lizzy taks about her Vision Therapy excises to camera

Lizzy’s eyes are esophoric (they turn in) and a bi-nasal occlusion on her spectacles helps overcome the associated issues of reading difficulties, binocular vision and depth perception

And finally a Video about Stereo Sue from Oliver Sachs

Toby is a young contact lens wear who enjoys his sport. However, wearing contact lenses did not come naturally.

On this video Ruth Perrott of VisionCare Optometry discusses the pros and cons of contact lens wear.

Contact lenses can help you with your vision. We are in Castleford and Acomb both in Yorkshire. As Optometrists we can fit many types of contact lenses. Why not ask our Optician if you are suitable.

Ruth demonstrates that testing the vision of a young patient is fun for both parties and allows a very accurate assessment to take place.

Lynda has always had problems with reading and the use of precision tinted lenses has helped improve her learning abilities.

This interview with Lynda shows an Intuitive Colorimeter in use and sample lenses prior to an order being despatched to Cerium VisTech.