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Vision is complex and depends on a variety of factors.

For instance pattern recognition (letters, words, numbers etc) depends on our own learned database of shapes. For instance does the spelling of a word actually feel right or wrong, does a column of numbers with a wrong total make you feel uneasy. Visualisation is one of several skills needed for spelling and maths.

Vision also drives our responses. If you want to touch something then our brain tells the brain and the brain coordinates the hand to reach and grasp. What we DO depends very much on what we See and understand. Vision drives movement.

An awareness of space is needed for balance and contact with other objects. Where am I? Where is it? And how far must I reach to touch it? and at what speed?

The eyes work closely together to give us depth perception. Accurate and fast appreciation is needed in sports, driving and in the work environment.

Adaption and learning is called Neuroplasticity. If you put your hand in a fire, the mere sight of a flame in the future will tell you something about heat. Neuroplasticity also allows us to learn how to see, to recgnise new shapes even when we are mature adults.

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