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My name is Rachael and I am a 21 year old young woman with visual, physical and postural difficulties. I use a power wheelchair for mobility and I find it difficult to constantly maintain good head control, which means that I often tilt my head to the side and downwards. This then affects my vision, as I find it difficult to concentrate on head control and focus my eyes at the same time, resulting in my eyes wandering and loss of focus. This is so frustrating and tiring. For example, when reading, I lose my place on the page and have to start at the beginning, again.

I now have yoked prisms fitted in my glasses (4p base down) My vision has really improved and I can see more clearly, focus and maintain my focus so much better now. This helps me with hand to eye co-ordination, so important as I use a computer/ keyboard/ mouse to record all my work. The prism lenses will also help to improve my reading skills, as I can focus on words more clearly and maintain focus better. They have improved my all round vision.

The yoked prisms have ‘lifted up my world’.