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If your child struggles at school, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Sensory integration

Ruth explains that well-integrated senses help a child learn. We all know that our children’s learning can suffer if their vision is impaired, and a regular eye check can identify problems early and not leave them struggling in the classroom.

Ruth explains that it’s not just how the eyes work – but how the development of all the senses is fundamental to efficient academic learning.

VisionCare Development is a Neuro-developmental Optometry practice, with premises in Acomb, York, which deals with vision rather than eyesight – how the brain uses all the senses to make sense of the what, where and when.

From infancy to adolescence, our senses shape how we perceive and interact with the world, playing a crucial role in cognitive growth and educational attainment.

Vision, hearing, touch, vestibular (balance), proprioception (location), taste, and smell are the gateways through which our brains gather information from the environment. As infants and young children explore the world using their senses, they lay the foundation for future learning. For example, crawling encourages bilateral integration while encouraging the child to focus on an object. While auditory perception (as opposed to hearing) is essential for language development and understanding spoken instructions in the classroom.

Understanding vision

To learn, our minds and bodies must work together – making sense of various sensory channels simultaneously. It helps students grasp complex concepts, retain attention and engagement, connect emotionally to stimuli and learning processes, develop gross and fine motor skills for academic and physical tasks, and improve language, communication, and social interaction.

Without these skills, students may struggle with learning. They may have reduced attention spans and be easily distracted without developing an emotional connection to education. They can develop a negative attitude or be disinterested, struggle to complete assignments, engage, communicate, and fully participate in classroom discussions or struggle in social settings, missing social cues. 

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