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Cry me a river

Although we only usually shed tears in extreme circumstances, our eyes are constantly being lubricated by tears. These droplets of moisture normally reach our eyes and then drain away virtually unnoticed. However a number of eye conditions make our eyes water uncontrollably and this blog post explains possible causes and treatments.

A leading cause of watering eyes is blepharitis, which typically is sen as swollen, dry and itchy eyelids. This is often caused by a bacterial infection or an existing skin complaint, acting on either the outside or the inside of the eyelid. Where excess sleep builds up VisionCare Optometry can use the BlephEx treatment to clean away the debris.

With blepharitis, sufferers are likely to have recurring attacks, however this is not a severe condition. It is suggested that contact lens wear and make-up are avoided as treatment takes place. This normally involves the use of antibiotics together with rubbing the eyelid edges with a cotton bud or a wipe containing a mild cleaning agent. At VisionCare Optometry we also recommend using a warm EyeBag.

Our eyes can also overflow with tears if our tear ducts are blocked or if a medical condition such a hayfever is stimulating excess tears. Sometimes ‘dry eye syndrome’ can also trigger excess watering. Young babies and the over-60’s are often prone to watery eyes. Physical irritations, such as ingrowing eyelashes, ingrained dirt, grit or an inflammation such as conjunctivitis also causes excess tears.

Good hygiene is vitally important for prevention and development of eye conditions. We recommend an early appointment at our PEARS (Castleford) or LES (York) clinics, where you can neatly avoid delays at your local NHS clinics and where we can provide an early primary care diagnosis.

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