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Anton is a blue cone monochromat who travelled to our practice in York. We prescribed lenses based on the polarised Drivewear lens and this a note about his life with these lenses.

“The glasses arrived today and after a little hesitation and minor panic on my part, they were pretty much an instant success!

The minor panic came when Anton put them on for the first time and immediately said: “Everything is red”. (Oh no!). he took them off again and went on to say”everything is red but even more red with them on”. SInce read is synonymous with brown or black within blue chrome monochromacy, I took to mean that things were a little darker. (Phew)

Anton then went on to say that my face looked different (What now???). It looked bigger (Oh, phew, again)

The biggest miracle of all is that, as you predicted they would, they stay put once they are on. It was great fun seeing Anton in all sort of contortions attempting to look over and under them. He gave uo soon enough!

Then I noticed he was going the same things again as he did when he’d got his very first pair, the clear ones: he was noticing that he was seeing things that he hadn’t realised before  details, like the little holes over the speaker part of the television and also (I’m less happy to admit) he pointed out the wrinkles on my forehead!!!. he even asked for a duster because he saw some dust on the telly!. This just illustrates quite how little the pair before were helping him! When I asked which he preferred, he was very clear that this new pair was his preference.

The most wonderful confirmation of how right this new pair of specs are for him, came at bedtime. He has a very dimmed nightlight on his bedside cabinet, yet he asked to have his glasses to ‘read’his books. This has NEVER happened before. We’re certainly off to a good start. I have a feeling we’re going to be in for more discoveries and surprises in the coming days..

We can’t thank you enough! This could mean such a turn-around, it’s like a whole new world opening up for our little boy……..