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Vision at Work

Vision exams and visual solutions for adults

Is it too late?

Some adults think that vision therapy is only for children. However, those out of primary education also have a need for Vision Care. Vision Therapy is often more effective for adults because they are more motivated to improve their visual efficiency, whereas children may not understand how the problem may impact their interests or their future. They don’t have the experience of anything different.

Many people have problems sustaining near-centered work, including reading, writing and computer use. When individuals have trouble using both eyes together or can’t accommodate at near for great lengths of time, they do not simply grow out of these problems. Children with visual problems often grow into adults with visual problems and may lose out on the enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

Other visual problems we encounter include:-

  • Corneal irregularities (corneal graft)
  • Hemianopia – following a stroke
  • Dizziness and spatial disorientation
  • Migraines due to light sensitivity
  • Visual overcrowding on the page and the impact of lines (stripes) within the field of vision

How a Vision Problem Can Affect Your Life

Adults will figure out many ways to compensate for their visual problems so that they can continue with any strenuous visual work. Adults can often come home from work extremely tired when all they did was sit at a desk  with close work. Some people will feel as if they had just run a 10K race! Children, on the other hand, will tend to avoid tasks that are difficult or make them feel inadequate, or alternatively misbehave to avoid the task.

An example of an adult with a visual problem which impacted their life can be found in the book, ‘Fixing my Gaze’. Here the author Sue Barry had difficulty in driving and was unable to see the world in 3D. However Behavioural Optometry provided a solution by training her eyes to work together, as a team, producing stereopsis. She is now known as ‘Stereo Sue’. See the links and download page for a link to Stereo Sue.

Visual quotes

When demand on the vision system exceeds visual ability, symptoms develop. We look through our eyes, we see with our brain. There is no vision in an eyeball. Vision is not seeing but discrimination, appraisal, decision and action in a lighted world.

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