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Vision & Sport

Sports vision assessments

Sport always takes place in a dynamic visual environment, completely the opposite to the conditions experienced in a typical Optometry consulting room, with it’s high contrast, mono, static lettering at a fixed distance! Any sports vision consultation therefore needs to take into account the variety of visual conditions that you will experience and of course, your own visual abilities. We are aiming to help you achieve the best from your own visual system!

Sports Visions assessments take into account the visual demands of your particular sport(s). Each sport has it’s own exacting requirements, involving depth of field, the field of view dynamics, peripheral vision and of course speed. Colour, also plays a very important part and our ability to treat (but not cure) colour blindness or colour confusion (in 80% of cases) can significantly help players in ball play situations.

In order to achieve an understanding of distance, we also need to ensure that both eyes are working together and are helping your to estimate distances accurately. Sometimes we may need to use Vision Therapy or Vision Training to help you achieve stereo vision and this is something that can be learnt. The old expression, ‘after eight is too late’, is simply no longer true! (Read ‘Fixing My Gaze’ by Susan Barry). We can also help with peripheral vision coaching so that you are aware of what is happening around you, either on the field or in the peleton.

Finally, we may need to adjust your vision to suit your sport. Occasionally you will for instance see a sports shooter, sighting across the gun because the ‘dominant eye’ does not match their natural shooting posture. Use of a contact lens can readily change eye dominance and allow you to take up a more performant and natural posture, thereby improving performance.