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Vision at Home

Home visits for the housebound or who are resident in Care Homes

We offer home visits to those who are unable to leave their homes or for those who are in care homes. If you or your family have any questions about accessing this service, please ask! We are here to help!

What do we provide?

  1. Eye exams

    We provide a through examination of your eyes to find out if your eyes are healthy, to check for any health issues and if a pair of new spectacles will help improve your vision when reading, watching T.V. or to help with any hobbies. Find out more…

  2. Spectacles

    If we all agree that new glasses will help, we will show you a selection of spectacle frames to choose from. We will also provide advice regarding suitability, fit, style and cost. On order, we will take payment and provide a receipt. Find out more…

  3. Delivery and fitting

    After 5 to 15 working days from order, we will again visit and fit the spectacles you have chosen and ensure that you are able to achieve the best possible vision. Find out more…

  4. Aftercare

    If required, we will visit to adjust the spectacles after delivery. We also provide a repair service. A charge is usually payable for out of warranty repairs. Find out more…

  5. Low Vision Aids (LVAs)

    If spectacles do not help, we will perform an LVA assessment to check if a magnifier, telescope or electronic device will help you see better.

  6. Reading Lights

    We provide advice on reading lights and can supply from stock.

Otherwise, refer to the download section to download our brochure.

If you have a WF, LS or YO8 postcode please call: 01977 552361
For other YO postcodes please call: 01904 784040