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Vision & Driving

Exploring the visual skills needed for safe driving

Visual Skills

Driving is an example of how the reality of the dynamic visual driving environment, with it’s changing levels of brightness, colour and contrast conflicts with the static, high contrast and artificial environment of the consulting room. At VisionCare Optometry, we understand that peripheral vision is important and for mature drivers that flexibility of the visual system is a must.

Discover the sunlens for the way you drive and live…

VisionCare Optometry can supply and fit driveWear® sunlenses. driveWear® has been specifically designed to work all year round, whatever the weather: from dull overcast days, low winter sunshine, rain, fog to bright sunlight. driveWear® is adaptive to your environment.

The lens adjusts to changes in light, ensuring eyes work at maximum efficiency and colours remain true, contrast is enhanced, depth perception is improved and traffic light signals are recognised in accordance with international standards. In short, driveWear® delivers relaxed natural vision under the most visually challenging and demanding conditions.

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