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Vision Assessments

Vision Assessments – what to expect

Full Vision Assessments, Reading Difficulty Assessments and Sports Vision Assessments

During your appointment, we will look at how the eyes can adjust various muscles to keep things in focus in a mobile world. Different sets of muscles make words and letters single rather than double. There is a complex relationship between the command and control of the muscles that ensure that they stay focused.

Eye movements are another complicated element of good vision. Not only do we have to find our target word, but then fixate on it long enough to process the meaning, before jumping along on to the next item. Smooth and accurate eye movements (saccades) are therefore imperative for easy reading.

Sometimes print may tend to shimmer and we shall explore the effect of colours on the text, using manual and computerised screening to check for ‘Scotopic Sensitivity,’ which is sometimes referred to as the Meares- Irlen Syndrome.

Shape recognition and the ability to see strings of different shapes as words is vital. The discrimination of letter shapes being very important in understanding the exact meaning of a word, as in bout and pout or buck and duck.

Visual memory also plays a part. Just how many letters or words can we take in at one glance. Do we have to revisit the white board, finding our place each time? Have we forgotten our place in space and what we are looking for? What about visual discrimination? Very small differences on paper can have totally different meanings, ‘lighting’ and ‘fighting’ are good examples. Having committed the text to paper, have we understood or comprehended what we have written?

Peripheral vision is also an important component of our vision, whether it be when we are reading or playing a sport such as rugby, football or cricket. We need to be able to respond quickly to all that is happening, so that we can predict if we are reaching the end of a paragraph or if a ball is moving towards us from an oblique angle. See the explanation to the right regarding reading.

Taken together we need the ability to focus, scan, recognise, process, remember and comprehend text without impediment.