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For Behavioural Optometry we recommend the following sites:

Retained Reflexes

Our local Chiropractic is able to provide therapy to help treat infantile retained reflexes

For more in-depth information and specialised treatment options, please visit

Head Injury


For further reading

For further information about our Lens Suppliers:

Rodenstock – www.rodenstock.co.uk
Hoya – www.hoya.co.uk
Essilor – www.essilor.co.uk
Drivewear – www.drivewearlens.com
Transitions – www.transitions.com
Cerium Visual Technology www.ceriumoptical.com/vistech.aspx

For further information about our Frame Suppliers:

Lindberg – www.lindberg.com
Rodenstock – www.rodenstock.co.uk

For further information about our Contact Lens Suppliers:

Bausch and Lomb – www.bausch.co.uk
Ciba Vision – www.cibavision.co.uk
Cooper Vision – www.coopervision.co.uk
Johnson & Johnson – www.acuvue.co.uk
mark’ennovy – http://www.markennovy.com
Sauflon – www.sauflon.co.uk

Our Charities

We collect used spectacles of any type and quality (and quantity). Please deliver to either practice address.

These spectacles are sorted, measured and cleaned by volunteers from the Rotary Club of York Ainsty and are then used in projects in Africa. We primarily support Madalitso village literacy projects in Malawi and the Rotary in Yorkshire (D1040) project at Ukewere in Tanzania. Any quantity of spectacles are accepted. For pallet loads, please contact us for the bulk delivery address.