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Eyesight Checklist

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Appearance of eyes

 One eye turns in or out at any time Reddened eyes or eye lids Eyes water excessively Encrusted eyelids Frequent styes on lids

Complaints when using eyes at desk

 Headaches in forehead or temples Burning or itchy eyes after reading or desk work Print blurs after a short time Complains of seeing double Words ‘move’ or ‘swim’ on the page

Behavioral signs of visual problems

Eye movement ability (Ocular Motility)

 Head turns while reading across the page Loses place frequently during reading Needs finger or marker to keep place Short attention span for reading or copying Frequently omits words Writes up or down hill on paper Re-reads or skips lines unknowingly Orientates drawings poorly on the page

Eye teaming ability (Binocularity)

 Repeats letters within words Omits letters, numbers or phrases Misaligns digits in number columns Squints, closes or covers one eye Tilts head extremely while working at a desk Odd working posture at desk activities

Eye hand co-ordination abilities

 Must feel things to ‘get the idea’ Eyes not used to ‘steer’ hand movements (extreme lack of orientation, placement of words or drawings on the page) Writes crookedly, or with poor spacing; cannot stay on ruled lines Misaligns both horizontal and vertical series of numbers Uses hand as ‘spacer’ to control spacing and alignment on page Repeatedly confuses left-right directions

Visual form perception (Visual Comparison, Visual Imagery, Visualisation)

 Fails to recognise same word in next sentence Reverses letters or words in writing and copying Difficulty in recognising minor differences Repeatedly confuses words with similar beginnings and endings Whispers to self for reinforcement whilst reading silently Uses ‘drawing with fingers’ to discriminate similarities and differences.

Refractive status (Short Sighted, Long Sighted and Focal Problems)

 Quickly loses interest in reading Blinks excessively at desk tasks or when reading Holds books too closely; face too close to desk Makes errors in copying from the board to paper Squints to see white board, or requests to move closer Rubs eyes during or after short periods of visual activity Blinks to clear eyes after reading or writing

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