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 April 29, 2017

Restoring Vision In Malawi

Restoring Vision In Malawi Last month Ruth Perrott completed her 14th trip to Africa. Working alongside her professional colleague Sarah Dineen from Glossop, the pair set up four temporary clinics and saw an incredible 1318 patients and dispensed 1051 pairs of spectacles. Ruth’s extraordinary commitment to restoring eye sight to thousands of people in remote […]

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 November 10, 2016

Contact lens care

            Contact lens care Contact lenses are very popular among people with active lifestyles or outdoor jobs and today’s leading ranges can provide crystal-clear vision at varying distances. While early contact lenses were produced in the Victorian era from glass, most modern contact lenses are made with softer materials like silicone hydrogel. These allow plenty of oxygen to […]

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 November 9, 2016

Cry me a river/ Excess tears

Cry me a river   Although we only usually shed tears in extreme circumstances, our eyes are constantly being lubricated by tears. These droplets of moisture normally reach our eyes and then drain away virtually unnoticed. However a number of eye conditions make our eyes water uncontrollably and this blog post explains possible causes and […]

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 November 8, 2016

Driving up standards. Vision + Driving.

Driving up standards. Driving represents a real feat of multitasking and it places considerable demands on our eyes. From refocusing between distance and near objects (such as the dashboard or SatNav) through to peripheral vision, our eyes need to process a great deal of information. You won’t be granted a driving licence if your vision […]

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